Hubei Bao Yada special special automobile Limited company
    Bao Yada to thank the majority of users over the years to support and love and treasure products, especially before New Years day will face with all models of new and old customers to make substantial preferential policies, hope the enterprises bosses do not miss the opportunity, welcome to inquire order 15586837888 .


Committed to the creation of the car, leading the development of the industry, so that our cars are all over the world


About us

Customer demand as the root, customer satisfaction as the goal

About us

弘鼎彩票开户  Hubei Bao Yada special special automobile Limited company, the national development and Reform Commission approved the national announcement qualification enterprises, with independent R D capability of special automobile manufacturing enterprises, but also the Dongfeng Motor Group supporting Refitting Factory; founded in 2000, after 13 years of continuous innovation and development, the registered capital of ten million yuan, covers an area of 500 acres



Our strength is worthy of your trust, invite you to witness the strength of the quality!

Cooperative partner

Let us grow together, to customer demand as the root, to customer satisfaction as the goal.

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